Film & TV

Haunted AF 

A web series about an influencer encountering a sinister, supernatural force. Will she lose her sanity or worse- her sponsorships?


Diaper Positive


Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Pilot, Comedy

A newbie principal is tasked with turning around a dysfunctional Catholic primary school. * Quarterfinalist in Screencraft Comedy Pilot Competition 2020.

Showchoir Fam

Short screenplay, Comedy

A middle school girl stuck in a baby bucket swing must figure out a way to escape before her talent show debut. * 2nd Rounder at AFF 2019.

Speed Queen

Short screenplay, Dramedy

A paraplegic teenager faces rejection and unexpected redemption at a high school dance.  * Received second place in Boston University’s Fleder-Rosenberg Screenwriting Competition

Getaway Weekend Special

Feature screenplay, Road Comedy

With the help of her co-workers, a travel agent searches for her estranged mother and the missing deed to save her failing travel agency.

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