Copy and Content

Huh, How’d I Get Here?

As of late 2019, I’ve wholeheartedly stepped into the realm of copywriting and content development. Two years ago,  I did a copywriting job for a friend who was starting her own business. I had no clue what I was doing, and amazingly enough, she kept my very amateur copy on her website for an entire year. It delights me and also makes me cringe.

But little did I know, that that spark would develop into a full-blown journey. Since then, I’ve delved into projects with small business owners, doing brand strategy, website content, and social media.

The Way I Work

I’m first and foremost a storyteller. In fact, I’m more like a journalist-storyteller-copywriter. I ask a lot of questions, I do my research, and I put the pieces together to write a company’s story truthfully and empathetically.

Recently, I’ve had the honor of interviewing restaurants and writing blog posts about those in the Bay Area struggling to stay afloat during COVID-19.  Check out the post here.

For more portfolio samples, please contact me at

Curious as to whether I’m a full-blown weirdo or legit? Maybe I’m both. Investigate for yourself on IG @betsyfloyd.